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A Little Note


Add a little inspiration to your day...



Welcome to Ornaquotes...thank you for checking out our range, we hope they bring you a little inspiration and motivation to your daily life!

Ornaquotes is a proud Brisbane business, we believe in promoting inspiration, happiness, positivity and a belief in oneself. Our quotes are designed to provide you with a positive daily reminder, a mantra to focus on or simply a positive message while you work towards your goals.

We hope you love Ornaquotes and they help inspire you on your life's path!


A Little Note About Shell

Shell believes positive affirmations, mantras and thoughts can change and transform your life. 

Like many people, Shell has been interested in self-improvement for many years. She's read and learnt from a variety of inspirational books, attended Buddhism learnings, been engrossed in challenging life biographies and listened first-hand from Native American Indians on their own land - all of this taught her something.

Have you ever woken up one morning and thought, how did I get here? and is this where I want to be?  Well Shell did (many times) and decided to take the challenge to herself and create what she truly wanted.

Shell's 2 favourite quotes...

1. Everything happens for a reason!

2. Life can and will throw challenges to us however, it's about how we deal with these challenges that creates the difference between positive and negative.